The Best Tactics to Authenticate Your Help Desk Users

by | May 24, 2024 | Blog, Identity, Security

Your help desks may be a beneficial tool to your customers, but they can be a security nightmare for your business.

Hackers are increasingly targeting help desks to weasel their way into your company and are quickly finding success on a massive scale. One simple help desk phishing attack cost MGM Casinos a devastating $110 million to recover from.

However, your help desk doesn’t have to be the weakest link in your cybersecurity.

By utilizing proper authentication methods in your help desk process, your business can effectively defend against help desk hackers to keep your business and customers safe. Here are the best defense tactics below:

Two-factor authentication is quickly becoming the industry standard for authentication practices. It requires you to sign on with your original login and confirm this using another software, such as a push notification.

This is an essential defense against phishing, as without a 2FA protocol in place, all you would need is for one hacker to gain access to a single piece of valuable information, and they would be in. Instead, this ensures a more well-rounded security system. A hacker cannot simply get lucky by fooling a help desk representative into giving up sensitive information based on trust alone.

Multi-factor authentication builds on the concept of two-factor authentication to make your help desk process even more secure.

Multi-factor authentication goes beyond the simple username-password information needed to secure most 2FA processes. MFAs may also require you to use multiple devices to confirm your login and request higher levels of authentication, such as requiring biometric data or certain apps to prove your identity.

Requiring multiple devices ensures that a hacker cannot just take over one of your accounts to gain access. This is beneficial to help desks, as when users are requested to give up a ‘forgotten’ password for an account, help desk technicians can be sure to verify that it’s the user through their device.

Using third-party cybersecurity software is also highly effective for protecting your help desks. These programs are designed to bring a higher level of security than just simple authentication practices, as this software authenticates users and fights against hackers.

Traceless is the gold standard of third-party authenticators. Traceless software effectively authenticates your help desk users so that your technicians know who is on the other end of the line every time.

If you want to take the next step in protecting your customers and business, start your Traceless free trial today and give yourself the online security you deserve.