Problem: Your help desk team doesn’t know who is calling in and wants to prevent phishing
Problem: You have no way to send a customer a password when they don’t have a secure device
Problem: You have no way to securely request data from your customers

Solution: You can use Traceless inside your service or project ticket to verify your customers identity effortlessly, send and receive data leaving nothing left in the PSA and monitor your communications infrastructure.

Traceless is an intuitive security platform that rapidly integrates with Slack, ServiceNow, ConnectWise, Autotask, and more.

“Traceless should be a required tool for any IT services provider (or any company for that matter), that needs to send secure information such as passwords on an ad-hoc basis. We’re an early adopter of Traceless and I can’t imagine running our service department without it. The cost to benefit ratio wildly exceeds my original expectations. Don’t hesitate, get it now!”

– Matthew B, Jan 2023