Using Autotask With Traceless

Integrate your professional services automation

Traceless is an intuitive security platform that rapidly integrates with chat softwares, multi-factor authentication applications, and PSAs

We are a security tool. But, we also preserve your money. We save your business valuable time. It goes without saying that time is money. And with Traceless, your team will have access to cost-efficient payment plans, where you can find one that best suits your company. Save your company countless hours on validating customers' identities with our streamlined integrations into your ticket or chat software.

AutoTask Demo

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Problem: Your help desk doesn't know who is calling in and wants to prevent phishing
Problem: You have no way to send a customer a password when they don't have a secure device
Problem: You have no way to securely request data from your customers
Solution: You can use Traceless within your AutoTask tickets to verify your customer's identity effortlessly. Send and receive your secure data while leaving nothing at rest in your PSA where you can control and monitor your communications infrastructure.