Cut the line on help desk phishing

The Most Secure Data isn't Stored In the First Place

Keep your customers safer with our cyberthreat prevention platform

Understand Who Your Customers Are, Before They Phish You

It’s the middle of the 21st Century. Time to get your security in order.

You can't hack what isn't there.

The Most Secure Data isn’t Stored In the First Place

Prevent AI Voice Based Social Engineering

and save your help desk team hours every day

The fastest way to prevent data exfiltration

Prevent Help desk phishing

Stop data exfiltration and Instantly faciltate security compliance in your help desk

GET INtegrated in under 10 minutes

Verify identity

 Rapidly verify anyone’s business identity with MFA, directly from Traceless



Load sensitive data and files into Traceless and send it

Leave nothing behind

Recipient opens the Trace in any browser and data self-destructs upon open



Plans and Pricing

Purchase Traceless for 1 User(s)

  • Integrates with Slack
  • Securely Send Text and Files
  • 1 GB File Limit
  • 20 Traces Per User
  • Reporting Tools
  • No PSA Integrations
  • $5 per user/Month

For 5 User(s)

  • Autotask and ConnectWise PSAs
  • Securely Send and Receive
    Text and Files
  • 5 GB File Limit
  • Unlimited Traces
  • Reporting and Insight Tools
  • $94 base, $5 per user/Month

For 5 User(s)

  • ServiceNow Integration
  • Advanced MFA with Duo
  • Access to the Traceless API
    (rate limits apply)
  • Securely Send and Receive
    Text and Files
  • 200 GB (max) File Transfers
  • Unlimited Traces
  • Reporting and Advanced Insights
  • $294 base, $5 per user/Month

For 5 User(s)

No Contract / Cancel Anytime
Month-to-Month Pricing
Only Pay For the People That Use Traceless

Please reach out if you have a specific question about a platform integration.

To learn more about Traceless CONTACT US